Directed and Produced by:
Arlene Islas

Post Production Assistant:
Joe Marilo

Production Assistants:
Steve Okello
Denis Onyango
Vincent Achar

Edited by:
Arlene Islas

Joe Marilo
Gary Wisser
Arlene Islas

Executive Producers:
James Levin
Gary Selnow

Original Music:
Jose Luis Puerta
David Perez

Special Thanks:
WiRED’s Staff and Volunteers in the U.S.
WiRED ‘s Board of Directors
WiRED Staff and Volunteers in Kenya
Western University of Health Sciences
The Pandipieri Team
The Women of Armstrong Emmaus Primary School
Vittoria Suites Staff
The People of Obunga
Kisumu city

Project Assistants:
Lillian Dajoh
Felgona Attieno
Vincent Ochieng
Eric Achola
George Olale

Special thanks to Dr. James Levin for his generous support of this documentary
and of WiRED’s Community Health Worker Training Program

Filmed on Location in Kisumu, Kenya

Copyright 2020 by WiRED International

All Rights Reserved.

This video tells the compelling story of community health workers (CHWs) who provide a critical link between the medical community and populations in need of clinical services and disease prevention. The film, shot in Kisumu, Kenya, shows why and how CHWs are trained and how they save lives in their communities.

WiRED International has released a rigorous and comprehensive, World Health Organization-compliant curriculum to train CHWs around the globe. It uses computer-based modules, taught in real-time by physicians and nurses. The 140-hour course covers health basics, patient assessment, clinical issues, health teaching and surveillance. CHWs enroll in WiRED’s continuing health education program to remain current, increase their skills and retain their credentials.