Module Series

  • Cancer Series. This 19-part series explains cancer and reviews a wide array of topics related to the most common cancers.
  • Diabetes Series. Fourteen modules in this series cover a wide range of issues related to diabetes. They offer a general discussion of diabetes then consider how the body is affected by the illness. They also review measures people can take to minimize the effects of diabetes.
  • Express Series. This collection of modules offers quick introductions to help community members understand key issues related to a variety of illnesses.
  • HIV/AIDS Series. HIV/AIDS is complex, and this series covers a wide variety of issues to help people understand HIV and AIDS and how to treat AIDS related illnesses.
  • Infectious Diseases. This series introduces people to what causes infectious diseases and how they affect the body. It examines a variety of diseases more closely.
  • Mother and Child Health Series. This 24-part series begins with family planning issues, moves on to pregnancy and maternal care, labor and delivery and care of the child to age five.