Community Health Worker Documentary
Community Health Worker Training Program

This video tells the compelling story of community health workers (CHW) in Kisumu, Kenya, who provide a critical link between the medical community and populations in need of clinical services and disease prevention.

The program includes health communication, community health instruction, health surveillance, and continuing education.

HealthMAP Animation Video
WiRED's 20th Anniversary Video

This animation demonstrates in detailed steps how to download and use WiRED’s Health Module Access Program.

Watch as WiRED’s mission and history come to life in this short video marking our 20 years of providing health training to low-service communities around the world.

Rheumatic Heart Disease Animation
Enfermedad cardíaca reumática (en español)

In the space of a few minutes, our video describes Rheumatic Heart Disease and explains why it is so serious, why it prevails in underserved communities, and why we need to address it.

En unos minutos, nuestro video describe RHD y explica por qué es tan grave, por qué prevalece en comunidades desatendidas y por qué necesitamos abordarlo.

Strep garganta para doença cardíaca reumática (em português)
WiRED in Action, 2013

No espaço de alguns minutos, nosso vídeo descreve o RHD e explica por que é tão sério, por que prevalece em comunidades carentes e por que precisamos abordá-lo.

WiRED responds quickly to health crises as this video shows. For example, when polio broke out in Syria in 2013, WiRED immediately translated our polio health training module into Arabic and delivered it to our partners on the ground. Video narrated by Michael Constantine.

Certificate Awards Ceremony, 2013
Introduction to ITN

Join in the pride, applause and singing as graduates of WiRED’s Certificate Program in Kisumu, Kenya, celebrate their achievement of studying and being tested on WiRED’s health learning modules.

Narrated by Michael Constantine.