What People Say About WiRED

From Underserved Community Members

“After I finished my secondary studies, it was such a relief to hear that there were WiRED health modules I could study on the computer — and that I could study for free!”
Hillary Fiona Owuor
young adult, Kenya
“I would like to thank WiRED for this program, which helped me study so many diseases I didn’t know about that affect our lives. So my fellow teenagers, I urge you to join this program because it will change your life.”
Merceline Achieng
teenager, Kenya
“I was very curious to learn about WiRED when my friend said two words: ‘health education.’ Health is a serious predicament in my community, which most residents ignore. They don’t know they are leading dangerous lives.”
Daniel Odhiambo Ogolollo
teenager, Kenya
“WiRED, I want to thank you for guiding me in the correct path, and starting now I will brush my teeth in that way.”
Young girl
learning about dental care, Armenia
“Information is no longer a luxury for the rich. I don’t have to Google or blame everything on my superstition. All I have to do is access WiRED programs. I am in a better position to take care of my family and my unborn child.”
Brenda Akoth
mother, Kenya
“WiRED International has empowered me with knowledge, and I can confidently say I am able to handle any situation, any disease, outbreak or disaster in Obunga.”
Denis Onyango
HIV-positive widower, father of three, Kenya
“Through WiRED I realized that it is possible to live a positive life after getting infected with HIV virus and it is possible to prevent the child from being infected by the mother.”
Lavender Amondi
student, Kenya

Health Professionals

“With WiRED’s interactive training programs, community members can educate themselves and save lives by learning from materials on the WiRED website.”
Magdalyne Odhiso Onglinjo
community health worker, Kenya
“I was taught during my medical training that patient education was at the top of the to-do list. Accordingly, the WIRED program of health education modules was a natural means for me to pass basic medical knowledge to the Armenian public.”
Dr. Ara Nahabedian
doctor, Armenia
“What I have learned from WiRED has enabled me to give critical information to pregnant mothers about HIV and AIDS and how to prevent mother to child transmission. Also, there are many malnourished children in the slums of Kisumu who have benefitted from the knowledge I received from WiRED.”
Alice Olwino
nurse, Kenya
“The children were impressed with the WiRED training on dental hygiene and asked many questions, which was very exciting. After our discussion they promised to brush their teeth the way they were taught today and to follow good dental hygiene.”
Satine Manukyan
nurse, Armenia
“In Haiti where I volunteer, educational materials are always a precious resource. The staff seemed surprised that the WiRED modules were free, and a couple of medical residents copied the entire flash drive onto their computers.”
Yen-Len Tang, M.D.
“People here in Kenya need WiRED’s support. Please continue educating the public about health and continue visiting schools so that we can stay healthy for upcoming generations. Your work is helping us, and I am proof.”
Aaron Masiga
Nurse’s Aide, Kenya
“WiRED International has given us a very resourceful information center and the Internet site connections to make it possible for us to obtain medical literature that was otherwise out of our reach. Of all the people who promised us ‘the wonderland,’ you are the only one who really delivered us one.”
Safwan A. Taha, M.D.

From Board Members

“Health education isn't as dramatic as a daring rescue, but it saves countless lives. Prevention is a grand bargain.”
Gary Selnow, Ph.D.
WiRED Director
“The ripple effect of information to improve community health is significant. The knowledge people acquire enables them to become participants in their own health care. This means they engage in better behaviors, recognize early signs and symptoms, and understand how to work with health professionals to address illness and disease.”
Charlotte Ferretti, R.N., Ed.D.
WiRED Board Chair
“WiRED is unbelievably efficient, bringing the information most needed to those who need it most — and who are most unlikely to receive it otherwise. WIRED has helped more people, more efficiently, in more ways, in more places, and more rapidly, than any other charitable organization I can think of. It is a model of selfless charity for the good of those most in need.”
Suellen Crano, Ph.D.
“We all have to make a living, but if that’s all we focus on we’re very poor. That’s one of the reasons I respect WiRED and care about it. In my profession, everyone is approached to work with organizations. We can’t do that with all of them nor can we contribute, but we pick ours. For me, it’s WiRED. What else can you do that is more important than staying healthy? It reminds me of my sweet mother, who, in her strong Greek accent said: “You health is you wealth.”
Michael Constantine

WiRED Partners

“The association of Project Amazonas with Wired International has been highly productive for us. The Spanish-language health modules and the computer and AV equipment provided by WiRED allow us to take health education to where the people are — the isolated river-side communities of the many tributaries of the Amazon. People are especially receptive to audiovisual materials, which we can now use in local schools, meeting rooms and even in open-air nighttime venues. Lack of electricity is no hindrance with the solar chargers and batteries. The WiRED modules will be a core element of our boat- and land-based rural medical service expeditions, allowing us to effectively integrate education and treatment in the Amazon.”
Dr. Devon Graham
Director Project Amazonas, Peru
“Aiding the disadvantaged and the deprived individuals and communities is a privilege that we all possess, and I am pleased to be in a position to assist people in need. Thanks to WiRED programs — in this case basic knowledge about good health practices — people can make major strides to improve their lives and the lives of their children.”
Sebouh Baghdoyan
Director WiRED-Armenia

WiRED Volunteers

“WiRED’s volunteers are committed to improving the lives of people in underserved countries through medical and health education. We encourage everyone in all underserved regions to copy and share our material. Our professionally written, peer-reviewed health education modules are available to all to access and download free of charge.”
Gary Selnow
WiRED Executive Director
“My commitment to WiRED is based on the satisfaction that comes from knowing that vital information goes directly to people who can immediately use it. There is no middle man, no intermediary, and NO COST! It goes directly to people in low-resource communities. WiRED is about helping people help themselves. Through WiRED, I feel I’m touching real people all over the world, and helping them make their lives better.”
Ann Mangold
WiRED Volunteer