What We Do

Community Health Worker (CHW) Program
Community Health Training
Vaccinator Training Program (VTP)

The program presents: 

  • A comprehensive training package for CHWs serving low-resource communities that enables CHWs to heal the sick, deliver children and address chronic illnesses in areas where doctors and nurses are scarce  
  • A curriculum of core health topics and elective topics that can be adapted to local differences in health conditions, cultural norms, government requirements and resource availability 
  • A distribution system using WiRED’s proprietary Health Module Access Program  
  • Continuing health education based on the latest scientific and medical knowledge

The training offers: 

  • Hundreds and hundreds of evidence-based, peer-reviewed health modules that can be copied and downloaded and shared free of charge 
  • A core curriculum including series on mother and child health, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases and specific illnesses such as diabetes and cancer 
  • Modules based on WHO and CDC guidelines, with medical information updated regularly, and reflecting the One Health philosophy and the threats imposed by climate change  
  • A Certificate Program that incentivizes local people to study and pass testing to become certified on WiRED’s health modules    
  • Modules translated as needed into languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic and Armenian

WiRED’s VTP Curriculum (based on WHO vaccination protocols):

WiRED’s VTP trains vaccinators to:

  • Move vaccines safely from central drop-off points to communities
  • Prepare the communities for vaccinations
  • Properly screen patients
  • Administer vaccinations
  • Monitor patients after the shot

The VTP offers each vaccinator:

  • 20 hours of WiRED’s COVID-19 vaccination curriculum
  • 20 additional hours of instruction on basic health training, including human anatomy and physiology, principles of infectious disease control and a review of coronavirus infections
  • 5 additional hours of clinical practice

For the full VTP curriculum and more information, click here.

WiRED’s partnerships are central to the successful distribution of our materials. WiRED develops the health modules and training programs, supplies the hardware, software and teacher training, and then works with our partners who take these resources the last mile.