Hunger. Drought. Disease. Sadly, these are constants in the lives of people in the western region of Kenya where WiRED International provides health training programs.

This year, food shortage is much worse than ever, as the most severe drought in 40 years has dried up crops, and the war in Ukraine has halted vital shipments of grain. (Ninety percent of Kenya’s wheat came from Ukraine.) Also, food prices and inflation are soaring. According to a recent report by Oxfam and Save the Children, more than 23 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are experiencing extreme starvation — up from over 10 million last year.

Each year, WiRED helps raise funds to support the purchase of groceries for people in the western part of Kenya. We call it the Sister Bernadette Sunshine-Mitzvah Fund, where all money collected goes directly to purchase food — with zero spent on administration or on anything else.

The webpage and video buttons below provide more detail about this year’s special fundraising effort and the fund itself and present compelling stories on how WiRED support has made a difference to Kenyan families in the past. Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about the pressing need among the poor in Kenya and about how to help us address it.

Thank you!


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