In May WiRED International asked for contributions to the Sister Bernadette Sunshine-Mitzvah Fund, and the response was heartening! WiRED wishes to thank everyone who was able to donate to the special fund that addresses a critical need. Your support will save many children and their families from hunger.

Each year since 2012, WiRED has helped raise funds to support the purchase of groceries for people in the western part of Kenya. We call it the Sister Bernadette Sunshine-Mitzvah Fund, where all money collected goes directly to purchase food — with zero spent on administration or on anything else.

Hunger is a constant in the lives of people in the western region of Kenya where WiRED provides health training programs. This year, food shortage is dramatically worse, as the most severe drought in 30 years has dried up crops and the war in Ukraine has halted vital shipments of grain (90% of Kenya’s wheat came from Ukraine).

Sr. Bernadette sent the following message in response to the recent donation organized by people working with WiRED:

My sincere thanks to all who donated to the Sunshine-Mitzvah Fund, which raised US $6,000. We at KUAP-Pandipieri are extremely grateful, and the funds will enable the community health workers, Maternal & Child Health Project’s clinical officers, nurses and nutritionists to support the most needy children with food to save lives. Malnourished children will be followed up in their own home by community health workers, and they will give critical information to mothers/caregivers to ensure that babies and children below five years regain their health.

Sincere thanks,
Sr. Bernadette

WiRED will offer a second opportunity to donate to the Fund’s holiday food bank towards the end of 2022. Before then, we expect to provide readers of our Web stories with accounts of families who have benefited from this mid-summer effort.


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