Rheumatic Heart Disease

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April 2015: WiRED’s Latest Release Is Module on Dehydration

Dehydration leads to 1.5 million deaths each year — mostly in young children from developing countries. The tragedy is that with simple treatment these lives could have been saved. Read more »




April 2015: National Public Health Week Is April 6–12, 2015

National Public Health Week is here! To get the ball rolling, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation declaring National Public Health Week and acknowledging the value of public health workers to our country every day. Read more »


April 2015: Makeover Complete for WiRED’s Learning Center

WiRED International’s Health Education Learning Portal has a new look! In addition to redesigning our main website, WiRED also renovated the website for our Learning Center. Read more »


March 2015: WiRED’s Education Program Helps Kenyan Man Beat Alcohol Abuse

A man we’ll call George lives in Kisumu, a poverty-stricken area in western Kenya. Now age 30, he developed a drinking problem when just a teenager. His alcohol abuse led to unemployment and unprotected sex with prostitutes. He even drank so much he set his grandfather’s house on fire. Read more »






Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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