Cancer of the Pancreas


September 2016: Global Alarm Increases over Antibiotic Resistance to Superbugs

Antibiotics are failing. World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan, M.D., said in a September address to the United Nations, “Antimicrobial resistance is a global crisis — a slow-motion tsunami. The situation is bad and getting worse. The misuse of antimicrobials, including their underuse and overuse, is causing these fragile medicines to fail. The emergence of bacterial resistance is outpacing the world’s capacity for antibiotic discovery.” Read more »



September 2016: WiRED International Releases Rheumatic Heart Disease Module in Arabic for Teacher Training

WiRED International now offers an Arabic translation of its Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) module, which was developed to train teachers to recognize the disease. WiRED is pleased to present this translation in response to the requests of doctors in Egypt, where RHD remains a concern. Read more »



September 2016: WiRED International Salutes Alice Olwino

Alice Olwino is a nurse who works at the KUAP Pandipieri Center in Kisumu, one of the poorest and most underserved areas of Kenya. She has used WiRED International Health Learning Center modules to train local people on mother and child issues and other topics. In August Ms. Olwino was awarded Best Nurse of Kisumu County. Read more »




September 2016: WiRED Releases Module on Cancer of the Pancreas

The pancreas is a gland only six inches long, but its functions are vital to the human body. It produces fluids and hormones that help the body digest and use the energy that comes from food. Pancreatic cancer is the 12th most common type of cancer, but it is the fourth cause of cancer death in the United States. Read more »






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