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"We view the people themselves as the solution, not passive beneficiaries. We begin with the assumption of competence and provide educational resources that can help in the communities we're serving."


— Paraphrasing writer
David Bornstein

July 2018: WiRED Launches Childhood Obesity Module

Obesity is a global crisis, now on the rise in low-income countries, and together with overweight, is linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight. And yet obesity is completely preventable, especially if people develop healthy habits in childhood. Read more »



July 2018: WiRED Honors Contributions to Health Training in Armenia


Today, poverty, scarce healthcare resources and the lack of reliable medical information are creating a healthcare crisis for the people of Armenia, and WiRED International is responding to their needs. Read more »




July 2018: To Protect, Promote and Support Breast-feeding

When it comes to global health issues, we at WiRED International welcome rational debate, believing that outcomes of informed discussions guide clinicians and patients toward more healthy practices. And so we were disheartened when we learned that the American government sought to kill a UN resolution that, based on good science, urged governments to “protect, promote and support breast-feeding.” Read more »



July 2018: WiRED Releases Nursing Mother’s Nutrition and Child Nutrition Modules

Proper sustenance is vital for all living things. WiRED International just launched two modules on nutrition into its Health Learning Center: Nursing Mother’s Nutrition and Child Nutrition. Both modules are part of the Becoming a Parent section in WiRED’s soon-to-be-completed 24-part Mother and Child Health Series. Read more »



July 2018: WiRED Notes Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Is Global Calamity

According to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, “Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. As the conflict enters its fourth year, more than 22 million people — three-quarters of the population — need humanitarian aid and protection.” Read more »



June 2018: NIH Studies Explore Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interactions

Do animals have the power to benefit human health?


For the past 10 years the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded an ongoing range of studies focused on humans’ relationships with animals. NIH reports that “Scientists are looking at what the potential physical and mental health benefits are for humans from different animals — from fish to guinea pigs to dogs and cats.” Read more »



June 2018: WiRED Launches Infant Feeding Module

Sufficient nutrition during infancy is essential not only for survival but for lifelong health and well-being. WiRED International just released a module on infant feeding into its Health Learning Center.


Read more »



June 2018: People Centered Internet Article Features
WiRED International

People Centered Internet (PCI) recently published an online article about WiRED International. WiRED board member Sameer Verma, Ph.D., works with PCI, and he and Allison Kozicharow, WiRED’s web editor-in-chief and board member, collaborated on the story. It describes WiRED from its beginnings in Croatia in 1997 to its position today as a global organization delivering free health information programs to underserved communities worldwide. Read more »







Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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