Yellow Fever


July 2016: WiRED International Launches Rheumatic Heart Disease Animation in Spanish

WiRED International is pleased to announce the translation into Spanish of its rheumatic heart disease (RHD) animation video. A Portuguese version will be available soon. Awareness about RHD educates people about this completely preventable disease that currently affects at least 15.6 million victims. Read more »



July 2016: WiRED International Launches Yellow Fever Module amid Outbreak in Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for an emergency-driven campaign to vaccinate people in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda in response to yellow fever outbreaks in Africa. Read more »



July 2016: Consequences of Zika Grow as Virus Spreads

The Zika virus continues to produce an ever-increasing number of unwelcome surprises for the global health community. A recent Scientific American article cites possible links between Zika and a new set of birth defects. In addition to having microcephaly and other severe brain conditions, babies born to women infected with Zika may also develop joint pain, vision impairment, seizures, trouble feeding and persistent crying — which, alarmingly, may not manifest in children until months or even years later. Read more »



June 2016: WiRED Team Reports from Armenia

This June WiRED International Director Gary Selnow, Ph.D., and WiRED Armenia Director Sebouh Baghdoyan spent a busy week visiting facilities and attending meetings in Armenia. Read more »






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