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"We view the people themselves as the solution, not passive beneficiaries. We begin with the assumption of competence and provide educational resources that can help in the communities we're serving."


— Paraphrasing writer
David Bornstein

April 2018: Earth Day is Every Day

Threats to the health of our planet — such as climate change, pollution, deforestation and species extinction — make this Earth Day, Sunday, April 22, a vital time to reflect and to act to protect our world. Read more »




April 2018: Earth Day Editorial

We at WiRED International observe Earth Day this year with heightened concern. As WiRED’s health education work focuses increasingly on the One Health perspective — the interaction among human, animal and environmental health — we become ever more watchful of policies that impact air, land and water, because they, in turn, affect human health. Read more »



April 2018: Cancer on the Rise in Underserved Countries


Cancer can strike anyone, but today 70% of cancer deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries without adequate medical and economic resources. So far the global health community does not offer a focused action plan to combat cancer as it does for infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Read more »



April 2018: WiRED Notes Dramatic Upsurge in Antibiotic Use Leading to Increased Risk of Deadly Infections

Overuse and misuse of antibiotics lead to antibiotic resistance (AR). WiRED International cautions that without urgent attention and action, many modern medicines could become obsolete, turning even common infections into deadly threats. Read more »



April 2018: WiRED Marks World Health Day

WiRED International observes the 70th anniversary of World Health Day on April 7, the day on which the World Health Organization urges everyone to learn about and support accessible universal health care. Read more »



March 2018: WiRED Launches Breakthrough Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP)

Opening up access to its materials for millions more people, WiRED International just took a major technological leap forward. Its innovative Health Module Access Program (HealthMAP) can now deliver free health education training material to underserved communities in the world’s most distant locations, many of which exist offline. Read more »



March 2018: Springtime Tips for Good Health

The media are awash with pointers about how to live a healthy life: eat well, exercise, don’t smoke, watch how much alcohol you drink. A recitation of heath tips becomes a mantra that we know so well . . . and tend to ignore. But if these pointers help you feel better, look better and avoid some diseases, maybe it’s worth giving a few of them a try. Read more »



March 2018: WiRED Observes World Water Day and World TB Day

Mark your calendars for two important health observances this week. Thursday, March 22, is World Water Day, and Saturday, March 24, is World TB (tuberculosis) Day.


Read more »



March 2018: WiRED Releases Four-Part Module on Birth Defects

Birth defects affect millions of families worldwide every year. About one in every 33 babies is born with a birth defect caused by genetics or by maternal exposure to environmental agents. Read more »



March 2018: Brazilian Cities in Danger of Yellow Fever Epidemic

Brazilian health workers are racing to vaccinate urban populations against the yellow fever virus in order to prevent a pandemic in its largest cities. In previous years, yellow fever has been confined to forest areas of the Amazon basin; if it spreads into city slums, the consequences to public health could be catastrophic. Read more »



March 2018: Hillary Fiona Owuor Learns about Health at WiRED Center in Kenya

Hillary Fiona Owuor values WiRED’s health training program. This young woman studies WiRED’s health education modules at the Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programmes (KUAP) Pandipieri Center in Kisumu, an underserved region in Western Kenya. Read more »






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