Cervical Cancer


January 2017: Climate Change and Human Health

Climate change shapes the social and environmental determinants of health, which are clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter. Developing countries especially are ill-equipped to prepare for and respond to the consequences of climate change. Read more »



January 2017: WiRED International Observes Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. The World Health Organization reports that an estimated one million-plus women worldwide are currently living with cervical cancer. The majority of women affected live in low- and middle-income countries, where they know little about prevention and have no access to treatment or care. Read more »



January 2017: Study Says Pets Help Manage Mental Health

According to HealthDay, a new study finds that people with mental health issues rank their pets as their number one support — above family, friends and hobbies. Cats, birds, dogs and other animals help individuals manage their mental health issues by calming them, providing them with distractions and helping them in moments of crisis. Read more »



January 2017: WiRED International’s 20th Anniversary — New Issues on Our Radar

WiRED International started operations in 1997 by providing Internet connections in war-ravaged towns throughout the former Yugoslavia. We now begin our 20th year and plan to use this Web space to review our past two decades of work and to look ahead at our expanding range of programs that provide health education in low-resource regions. Read more »




All of us at WiRED International would like to offer our friends best wishes for a healthy and enjoyable 2017. With your input and support, we look forward to growing our community training programs and adding new features that improve the health of people in low resource regions. Thank you for joining us in this work, as we enter our 20th year of providing free medical and health training and information around the world. Read more »


WiRED Certificate Recipients in Kisumu, Kenya






Recipient of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health 2009
Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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