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July 2015: WiRED Delivers Programs to Remote Communities in Amazon in a New Way

WiRED International can now distribute vital medical and health information to isolated underserved areas of the world without relying on the Internet or the power grid. We did this on our recent trip to Peru when we successfully tested new hardware configurations on remote stretches of the Peruvian Amazon. This new portable bundle, called
Pack ’n Go, includes solar panels, a lithium-ion battery, a compact projector and a laptop loaded with our programs — all fitting easily in a backpack. Read more »



June 2015: WiRED Salutes Denis Onyango

Denis Onyango is a staff member at the WiRED International medical and health education center in Obunga, Kenya. What follows is an excerpt from Mr. Oyango’s report to WiRED. Read more »




June 2015: Type 2 Diabetes Increasing at Alarming Speed in Low-Income Countries

The dramatic rise of Type 2 diabetes among the world’s poorest people is linked to a rise in obesity, according to a new study conducted by the British medical journal The Lancet. Read more »




June 2015: WiRED Returns to the Peruvian Amazon for the Sixth Time since 2011

This week a WiRED International team is traveling to South America to bring medical and health information to underserved and remote communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Read more »



June 2015: Recent MERS Outbreak Causes Global Scare

Latest figures report 10 people in South Korea have died from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS, and the nation reported 122 confirmed cases and placed more than 3,800 persons in quarantine. Now China has verified a MERS case in that country. This is the largest outbreak of the disease outside the Middle East, where it originated. Read more »






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Organizational Public Health Hero Award. Read more >
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