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WiRED News Timeline, 2000

February 11 2000
If all of NATO's might can't keep the peace in the Balkans, maybe the Internet can. That's how one Bay Area professor is trying
August 4 2000
For thousands of people in remote, war-torn villages of the former Yugoslavia, Gary Selnow of Montara is the guru of the Internet. Selnow, a
September 14 2000
The U.S. Department of State has established free computer centers at seven locations in war-ravaged Kosovo as part of its Kosovo Internet Access Initiative
October 4 2000
The system of computers linked to each other through the Internet provides a nearly unlimited free flow of information, but it also offers a
November 18 2000
WiRED, an international organization dedicated to bringing the resources of the Internet to war-ravaged places like Kosovo, launched its innovative "Video Visit" program on