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WiRED News Timeline, 2012

April 3 2012
WiRED's next stop along the Amazon headwaters is Santa Maria de Nieva, Peru, where we will continue the work begun in the region last
May 3 2012
WiRED International's Honorary Board is an interdisciplinary group of extraordinary individuals who are committed to our mission of sharing critical medical information with impoverished
May 17 2012
Remember the time you had strep throat as a kid? How much your throat hurt, how you had to go to the doctor and
June 3 2012
Carolyn Wallin and Veronica Ades have never met, but both women recently took the same innovative action to save lives in Africa: They personally
June 12 2012
Congratulations to our 10-year veteran staffer Lillian Dajoh on the birth of her beautiful son, Yarn Oloo! Yarn was born on April 5, 2012,
July 3 2012
Most children in the United States and other Western countries are screened for congenital heart defects when they are born and during their first
July 3 2012
WiRED Board Member Virgil Scudder's new book—World Class Communications: How Great CEOs Win with the Public, Shareholders, Employees, and the Media—will be published October
August 3 2012
WiRED International is partnering with a team of physicians in Australia to create a project with potential for global medical benefits. Funded by the
August 3 2012
Known for his emphasis on civic engagement and the application of university expertise to community issues, Robert A. Corrigan, Ph.D. has served as San
September 3 2012
Three new Community Health Information (CHI) centers are now up and running in Quilalí and Chinandega, Nicaragua, and Marcovia, Honduras. Upgraded CHI libraries are
October 3 2012
WiRED International is pleased to announce that Jack Condon, Ph.D., has joined our Advisory Board. Dr. Condon is a senior information technology professional whose
December 3 2012
As WiRED looks forward to a busy new year, it seems a good time to reflect on our work in 2012 and share some
December 3 2012
WiRED is pleased to announce that retired Vice Admiral Adam M. Robinson, M.D., has joined our Governing Board. Dr. Robinson was the 36th Surgeon
December 17 2012
All of us at WiRED would like to wish happy holidays to the many people who have become part of our family over the