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WiRED News Timeline, 2003

January 15 2003
WiRED's Director, Gary Selnow, will soon visit the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He will lead a team of technical experts
January 22 2003
U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, Johnnie Carson, will join WiRED International for the opening of a new Medical Information Center at the University of Nairobi
February 24 2003
Thank you Dean Makawiti. I would like to begin with a word of thanks to the many people who have contributed to this Medical
May 30 2003
The task at hand in Iraq: The Global Technology Corps (GTC) at the U.S. Department of State has asked WiRED to assist in evaluating
June 22 2003
WiRED International uses information technology to provide Iraq's healthcare community with the latest developments in human medicine. This non-profit organization will develop Medical Information
June 23 2003
The Department of State’s U. S. Global Technology Corps (USGTC) - a program administered by the Bureau of International Information Programs, Office of Technology
June 24 2003
Business professor Gary Selnow and the non-profit organization that he founded, WiRED International, dedicated a new Medical Information Center in the largest medical school
June 24 2003
I am pleased to be here today to participate in the dedication of a Center that will provide medical professional in Iraq with new
June 26 2003
On Tuesday, June 24, 2003, WiRED International launched the first of several Medical Information Centers at a ceremony held in Iraq's largest teaching hospital.
July 15 2003
Popularly known as "the Computer place", WiRED International's Community Health Information Center (CHIC) in Butula is proving to be the best strategy for fighting
July 24 2003
Testimonials from Kenya, By various writers
August 1 2003
WiRED International will provide a Medical Information Center for faculty and students of the Medical School at the University of Nicaragua in Leon. We
August 8 2003
The room at the Al Kadhymia Teaching Hospital in Iraq had bars on the windows, lots of electrical outlets, and plenty of space to
August 10 2003
On August 7, 2003, WiRED International launched a seven-station Medical Information Center at the University of Leon School of Medicine. The facility will serve
November 3 2003
1. Middle East; 2. Latin America; 3. Africa; 4. Eastern Europe
November 30 2003
On November 24, 2003, in collaboration with the American Federation of Teachers, WiRED installed a computer training lab in the Ahmadiyya Muslim School in
December 3 2003
1. Sierra Leone; 2. Montenegro; 3. WiRED International selected from 263 nominations to win the Grand Prize in first annual 'Making a Difference' website
December 10 2003
WiRED returned to the Balkans in December 2003 to open two Medical Information Centers (MICs) in Montenegro. The new Centers, underwritten by The Medtronic
December 17 2003
Sponsored by the International Professional Interest Section of the Public Relations Society of America, the meeting drew media and communication specialists from around the
December 22 2003
The award for the best charity Website was presented on December 22, 2003, by Jim Collins, Affinity's Chief Marketing Officer. WiRED International was selected