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WiRED News Timeline, 2011

January 3 2011
WiRED's board and volunteers are deeply saddened by the death of Dr. Richard Gilbert on January 6. Dr. Gilbert was a founding member of
February 3 2011
The role of prevention in assuring good health, sadly, is often overlooked. It isn't as glamorous as finding a cure for AIDS or as
February 17 2011
The WiRED International Board is pleased to announce Christopher Spirito as its newest board member. Mr. Spirito, currently with The MITRE Corporation, brings valuable
March 3 2011
All his life the Reverend, Doctor Richard Reynolds Gilbert loved giving mealtime prayers for family and friends. Consequently, in 2001, he published Amazing Graces.
April 3 2011
WiRED's Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Charlotte Ferretti, R.N., Ed.D, has been named as its newest member. Dr. Ferretti brings expertise
June 3 2011
After a year in the making, WiRED proudly announces the latest installation of the Community Health Information (CHI) e-library in Kisumu, Kenya. This interactive,
June 17 2011
In a separate event from the latest e-library installation, WiRED dedicated the Faye F. and Sheldon S. Cohen Community Health Information Center (CHIC) in
June 24 2011
WiRED just took a giant step towards ramping up its Community Health Information (CHI) Center programs in South America with a new project in
September 3 2011
One child is dying from dehydration. Someone gives the child badly needed water. The child's body cannot absorb the water and the child dies.
November 3 2011
After nearly two weeks on the road, WiRED's installation team has returned from work in the Amazon headwaters where it provided a range of
November 17 2011
The success of WiRED International's second trip to the isolated Peruvian village of Galilea rests solidly on our team of 14 volunteer translators. These
December 3 2011
WiRED believes that community health starts with knowledge—and there is no better proof of this than the launch of WiRED's Community Health Information Center