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WiRED News Timeline, 2006

January 17 2006
Technicians on opposite sides of the globe celebrated the success of equipment tests for WiRED's telemedicine program with a face-to-face meeting on January 17,
February 3 2006
1. Linking Baghdad to Baghdad by the Bay; 2. Top 10 Reasons to Donate to WiRED in '06.
February 10 2006
March 3 2006
WiRED and Iraqi Telemedicine Centers Partner with UCSF and the Children's National Medical Center
April 3 2006
The following list of stories about WiRED from worldwide media outlets, such as Soul Beat Africa and the Bangladesh Observer, will provide you with
April 3 2006
WiRED International welcomes two new members to the Board of Directors
April 14 2006
April 2006 brought the first video conference between Iraqi physicians at Baghdad's Medical City Center and U.S. physicians at Washington D.C.'s Children's Hospital. Panels
May 3 2006
WiRED Makes Headlines - Worldwide
August 22 2006
This summer, WiRED International has been coordinating a telemedicine program between three U.S. medical universities and four medical schools in Iraq.
August 25 2006
The Medtronic Foundation announced in early August that it will provide a humanitarian grant to support WiRED's medical education work in Serbia and Kosovo.
December 3 2006
Best Holiday Wishes from WiRED's Staff