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WiRED News Timeline, 2004

January 3 2004
1. Video Visit Program in Iraq; 2. Pack 'N Go program in Kenya Underwritten by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, this expanded outreach
February 3 2004
1. Video Visit Program; 2. New Medical Information Center in Basra; 3. Generous community funders underwrite Phase-II.
March 3 2004
Evaluation of Community Health Information Centers in Kenya verifies the effectiveness of combining IT with human interaction in the delivery of HIV/AIDS and other
March 31 2004
In mid-March, 2004, as part of its effort to provide all medical schools and key hospitals in Iraq with the latest medical information, WiRED
April 3 2004
During the month of March WiRED installed in Iraq's medical schools and teaching hospitals six new Medical Information Centers. This brings to 10 the
May 3 2004
The Medtronic Foundation; Rotary Foundation; and World Health Organization support Medical Information Centers.
May 29 2004
June 3 2004
WiRED has just received the following comments from the Director of the Basra Teaching Hospital about our work in Iraq; 1. WiRED is grateful
June 9 2004
Dr. Wadhad Mahbuba is the manager of WiRED International's Medical Information Centers in Iraq. The Iraqi physician describes here how the four original Centers,
July 1 2004
Wired International and the International Organization for Migration www.iom.int have collaborated with our hospital to develop an electronic library—the Medical Information Center. This facility,
July 3 2004
Programming moves forward in Kenya and Iraq through the renewed support of U.S. National Institutes of Health, Office of AIDS Research and Pfizer Inc.
August 1 2004
August 3 2004
WiRED International brings one new Medical Information Center to Nicaragua and finalizes plans for Iraq, Serbia and Nicaragua
August 9 2004
WiRED International, on August 6, 2004 opened the doors to the second of its Medical Information Centers (MIC) in Leon, Nicaragua. The ribbon cutting
September 3 2004
1. WiRED's Community Health Information Centers engage clients in a safe, non-judgmental manner; 2.Despite the security difficulties confronting organizations in Iraq, WiRED is planning
October 3 2004
1. WiRED's Community Health Information Centers in Kenya serve more than 6,000 individuals during September with the HIV/AIDS prevention message; 2. WiRED salutes its
November 3 2004
1. WiRED continues to provide the Iraqi medical community with healthcare information; 2. WiRED salutes its volunteers
November 3 2004
Plans for a December installation of the 17 Centers has been delayed because of increasing violence in and around Baghdad and other cities. Pre-election
November 28 2004
Jim Mollen was killed in Iraq on the day before Thanksgiving. Mollen was the U.S. Embassy's senior advisor on Iraqi educational matters. He was
November 30 2004
WiRED expanded its Medical Information Center project in the former Yugoslavia with the launch of Centers in the Medical Faculty at the University of
December 3 2004
1. WiRED mourns the loss of diplomat in Iraq; 2. WiRED opens two new Medical Information Centers in the Former Yugoslavia; WiRED salutes its