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WiRED News Timeline, 2002

January 3 2002
Wired's Kenya project to assist in the fight against AIDS has made a major step forward with the recent installation of computers in five
January 14 2002
The education and information resources of the Internet are available for the first time to a struggling audience in Leon, Nicaragua through the technology
January 30 2002
AIDS healthcare workers in Kenyan Villages can now access up-to-date AIDS treatment and research information through an innovative new program developed by two San
May 3 2002
They serve as midwives in their villages, and they are fervently searching for ways to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child during
June 1 2002
The first launch of the Video Visit program took place in November between two young boys in the Hospital of Pisa and their families
June 2 2002
Applying communication technology to human problems is the keystone of WiRED's work. Dr. Gary Selnow, who had just completed a week-long, Internet training session
June 3 2002
The following presentation was delivered by Mr. Hrvoje Badovinac, Medtronic Corporation's Manager for the Adriatic Region.
June 4 2002
The following presentation was delivered by Dr. Gary Selnow, Executive Director of WiRED International.
June 6 2002
The municipality of Dragalic suffered massive destruction during the war from 1991 to 1995. Farms, housing, crop lands, equipment all were destroyed. To make
June 7 2002
Project Overview: This rapid-start, two-stage project will provide Iraq's healthcare community with access to information about the latest developments in human medicine. The Medical
June 8 2002
Archived story. Original version is here. PDF File
June 10 2002
In mid-March, I visited the first Medical Information Center WiRED installed in Iraq. That was last June when WiRED's technician, Che Pangborn, and I
June 11 2002
The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation (CRPF) recently awarded a $5,000 Quality of Life Grant to WiRED International, a nonprofit organization that provides information and
June 12 2002
Pfizer, Inc. is supporting WiRED International's healthcare program in Iraq by awarding the San Francisco-based non-profit organization a first-time grant of $10,000. This gift
June 13 2002
With so much grim news coming out of Iraq, it is heartening to hear about corporations and organizations that are striving to improve the
June 14 2002
As part of IOM's Medical Evacuation and Health Rehabilitation Program for Iraq (MEHRPI), which addresses treatment options for patients who currently cannot find appropriate
June 15 2002
The Medtronic Foundation renewed support of WiRED International's healthcare programs by awarding the San Francisco-based non-profit organization a grant of $40,000 to fund Phase-II
June 17 2002
June 18 2002
Popularly known as "the Computer place", WiRED International's Community Health Information Center (CHIC) in Butula is proving to be the best strategy for fighting
June 19 2002
Rose Otaye has been living with HIV/AIDS for several years, and at this time she displays no symptoms of the illness and lives an
June 20 2002
Following the success of the initial five Community Health Information Centers (CHICs) in Kenya, WiRED International created 11 additional Centers that will not only
June 21 2002
Eric, age 20, was unaware of his health problem until he visited WiRED International's Community Health Information Center (CHIC) in Butula, Kenya. Intending to
June 22 2002
Mwanaisha Narotso wears many masks. She is not only sells fruit and grains at the local market but she is also a well-known traditional
June 23 2002
I just returned from a site visit to the Community Health Information Centers in Kenya. These facilities are continuing their remarkable work getting out
June 24 2002
Sister Bernadette Nealon, Program Manager of the Community Health Program in Kisumu, Kenya -- where one of WiRED's Community Health Information Centers is located
June 25 2002
It was a typical equatorial day, sunny and warm, as we started our site visits with a stop at a Center outside the Kajiado
June 26 2002
In a remote area of Western Kenya is a small village called Butula. Here, the villagers, most of whom are illiterate or semi-literate, met
June 27 2002
Pauline Karani provides day-to-day management of the Kenyan Community Health Information Centers. She ensures quality control and the proper functioning of each Center by
June 28 2002
One day last year, Natasha read about Gary's work in a Half Moon Bay Review article and also heard his colleague Bess Klumb speak
June 29 2002
John, Paul, Triza, Joseph, Susan, Francis and Benard are orphans who spend their days in Kiambu, a massive slum on the outskirts of Nairobi,
June 30 2002
This story of three young men impacted by the Community Health Information Center was related to Pauline Karani by Mary Makokha, Coordinator of the
June 30 2002
Note: This remembrance was posted several years after Mr. D’Angelo’s death. The prolific television producer, director and writer William P. D’Angelo (Billy), who was
July 1 2002
Click here to read the on-line version of a primer that was written by seven AIDS orphans in Kenya. They use this booklet--written uniquely
July 2 2002
Data Underscores The Critical Importance Of Community Health Information Centers To Health Care Workers And Ultimately To The People Of Kenya. An evaluation component
July 3 2002
In 1992, Aziz M. Mustafa began work as a general practitioner in Kosovo. Five years later, he was in residence in the ENT Department
July 4 2002
WiRED took its programs to Kosovo at the request of the Global Technology Corp at the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Department of
July 5 2002
WiRED announced the delivery on May 30 in Montenegro of 90, Internet-ready computers to be distributed and installed at eight schools in six cities
July 6 2002
You can get just about anything you want at the Ben Linder Cybercafe. From simple sandwiches, soft drinks, and coffee, to a wide variety
July 7 2002
Hot coffee, delicious meals, a cozy atmosphere, and computers go together in the newly opened Ben Linder Cyber-Café, where Walking Unidos, the Polus Center
July 8 2002
Walking Unidos began with local citizens who recognized a great need for a clinic to give accident and landmine victims prosthetic devices that would
July 9 2002
Hot coffee, delicious meals, a cozy atmosphere, and computers go together in the Ben Linder Cyber-Café. This is also where Walking Unidos, the Polus
July 10 2002
The Novi Sad Humanitarian Center has been cooperating with "The Youth of JAZAS" (Yugoslavian Association to Fight AIDS). This NGO, from Novi Sad, organizes
July 27 2002
Vukovar, Croatia has taken another step in the reconstruction of their war-torn community with the dedication of a new Community Health Information Center. The
September 3 2002
WiRED and the Medtronic Foundation have teamed up to expand WiRED's humanitarian programs in Bosnia and Croatia. Medtronic, an international medical technology corporation, supports
September 18 2002
From the moment Kenya gained independence in 1963, local and national leaders have envisioned a day when the country could finally eradicate poverty, ignorance,
October 2 2002
WiRED has introduced a new Community Health Information Center in Vukovar, Croatia-the site of the first WiRED Center in 1997. The new Center joins
October 3 2002
Computers and the Internet became a daily part of life for students in three orphanages in Bosnia. Thanks to the generosity of its supporters,
November 25 2002
The Medtronic Foundation, WiRED, Euroregional Commission and Tuzla Medical School join in the celebration. On November 20, 2002, WiRED International launched a new Community
December 17 2002
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