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WiRED News Timeline, 2014

January 3 2014
All of us at WiRED would like to congratulate board member Elizabeth Fine, Ph.D., for her recent faculty award at Virginia Tech. Betty, who
January 26 2014
WiRED began 2014 with an exciting lineup of programs designed to advance our health training activities worldwide. Our medical writers, editors and outside consultants
February 13 2014
WiRED International begins 2014 with a return to the remote Amazon headwaters of eastern Peru, where we will set up Community Health Education (CHE)
March 2 2014
WiRED International returned from a 12-day trip to establish two Community Health Education (CHE) centers in Peru—one in Iquitos and one in Pevas.
March 3 2014
Jason, who directed and produced our informational video, “Introduction to WiRED International,” with actor Michael Constantine, is the film editor for a recent documentary,
March 15 2014
WiRED International’s Health Education Learning Portal (W-HELP e-library) continues to grow in new and exciting ways. Our e-library allows physicians and nurses, patients, community
March 29 2014
Building on last year’s exploratory trip, WiRED International revisited Armenia in order to open several community health education centers (CHEs) and scout out more
April 3 2014
WiRED International is proud to introduce Dr. Ara Nahabedian, orthopedic surgeon at Leighton Hospital in Crewe, Cheshire, England. He joins WiRED’s team as a
April 19 2014
The IMAGE Project just introduced WiRED International’s Community Health Education (CHE) e-library to a number of impoverished and remote villages in Tanzania.
May 3 2014
At the 2014 World Congress of Cardiology in Melbourne, Australia, on Monday, WiRED International—along with our partners from the Royal Children's Hospital and the
May 12 2014
WiRED International opened its Community Health Education (CHE) Center in Kisumu, western Kenya, 12 years ago. Today the facility functions as the recently dedicated
June 3 2014
WiRED International is rushing to complete a rapid response module on Ebola virus disease. Fresh outbreaks of Ebola continue to spread in three West
June 17 2014
WiRED is assisting Children's HeartLink to create training tools for their nursing programs overseas. We provide translations, module setup and design and PDF setup
June 20 2014
Nurses and health workers can now apply knowledge and techniques learned from a series of training modules on the echocardiographic diagnosis of rheumatic heart
July 3 2014
WiRED International will soon launch a “filling station,” a vital tool for expanding the global reach of our Community Health Education (CHE) e-library to
August 9 2014
WiRED International's Community Health Education (CHE) Center in Kisumu, western Kenya, attracts both medical students and members of underserved communities to programs that improve
August 17 2014
According to The New York Times, the World Health Organization has not only declared the Ebola epidemic in West Africa to be an international
August 27 2014
Reports from West Africa are not good. "[The Ebola contagion is] even worse than we'd feared," Tom Frieden, M.D., director of the Centers for
September 24 2014
WiRED International announces the culmination of a three-year effort to develop a comprehensive training program that offers expertly written, peer-reviewed training material free of
September 30 2014
Preparing people—helping them understand prevention—can be key in combating any epidemic. WiRED International and our partners pledge to stay ahead of the curve by
October 28 2014
WiRED International has expanded our training program on Ebola with the addition of a module designed for students and their families.
November 15 2014
Even as attention remains on Ebola, WiRED International emphasizes also the prevention of another threat—influenza, both abroad and in the U.S.
November 20 2014
Health care workers (HCWs) play a critical role in the international community’s efforts to stop the spread, and prevent the recurrence, of Ebola and
December 3 2014
WiRED International, now in its 12th year of operation in Africa, provided Ebola training during various events and presentations throughout Kenya.
December 8 2014
WiRED International is pleased to announce that Anne Marguerite Stevens, M.D., Ph.D. recently joined our Governing Board.
December 11 2014
WiRED International’s Certificate Program continues to attract community members in Kisumu.
December 18 2014
The past year marked WiRED International’s completion of a three-year effort to develop a comprehensive health training program that offers expertly written, peer-reviewed training
December 31 2014
The New York Times reported on December 29 that, in 2014, Ebola abated a bit in West Africa, then came roaring back.