Climate Change

A Climate Change Perspective … from Generation Z

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My name is Olivia Spirito. I am presently a senior in high school, and I am a volunteer at WiRED. I believe that climate change is putting my generation and future generations at risk. Weather-related threats such as floods, hurricanes, droughts and forest fires will cause environments to become inhospitable. The lives of people who survived the recent forest fires in California (November 2018), the destructive Alabama tornado (March 2019) and the current raging flood in Afghanistan have been drastically changed forever. It is my hope that I and my future family will have a chance to live comfortably without the fear of uncontrollable factors like these catastrophic events.

Special Series

WiRED Marks Publication of Journal Article on Disease Prevention

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Emergency medical treatment in health crises and natural disasters makes headlines. Disease prevention and health promotion often go unnoticed in the media and so largely go ignored by the public. The Medical Journal of Southern California Clinicians recently published an article entitled “The Quiet Work of Disease Prevention,” co-written by WiRED International Director Gary Selnow, Ph.D., and WiRED Board member William Crano, Ph.D.