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WiRED Team Travels to Kenya

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WiRED is nearing completion of an extensive curriculum to train community health workers (CHWs) in low-resource regions around the world. Kisumu is one of four test sites where a group of 15 people will undergo a rigorous training program lasting three weeks. During a recent trip, WiRED’s team made provisions for the test.

Climate Change

Global Climate Strike

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“Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.” So say the world’s youth as they stage a week-long Global Climate Strike event September 20–27 to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels. Students across our threatened Earth are walking out of school on September 20 to save the planet for their future and for future generations to come. Many school systems in New York City and elsewhere are giving permission for students to leave class, and companies from Amazon to Ben & Jerry’s plan to close their doors for part of the day in solidarity.

Mother and Child Health Related

Women in Underserved Communities Face Risks during Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Women in low-resource areas are particularly vulnerable to complications during pregnancy and to postpartum hemorrhage. Timely and appropriate management can prevent suffering and loss, yet high-risk communities lack the appropriate knowledge and skilled medical personnel. WiRED International created our Mother and Child Health Series of 24 health learning modules so that women, their families and community health workers can prepare for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and the early years of their child.

WiRED Module

WiRED Completes Module on First Aid Topics

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Ideally, doctors and nurses belong on the scene in any medical emergency. However, in underserved areas of the world, the burden of care more often falls on community health workers (CHWs) who, if trained properly, can save lives and prevent further injury. WiRED International is completing a series of First Aid Modules designed to train CHWs on administering urgent and immediate lifesaving measures that can be performed on injured people by nonmedical professionals when medical personnel are not immediately available.


September is Sepsis Awareness Month

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Any infection can lead to sepsis — a life-threatening emergency — yet few people know what it is. Sepsis is a complication of infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. The condition constitutes a global healthcare problem, and despite advances in modern medicine such as vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care, it is the primary cause of death from infection, especially in underserved countries.