Chronic Diseases Are Preventable

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Chronic diseases impact the way we live our lives every day. Many people do not believe that chronic diseases — such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and many cancers — can be prevented. We know the major causes of these noncommunicable diseases; if we knock out risk factors, then we are much less likely to fall ill, so that, for example, 80% of all heart disease could be prevented.

WiRED Module

WiRED Completes Module on Teaching Health

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The World Health Organization states that a strong health force is needed to deliver primary health care to people living in low-resource areas of the world. The current critical shortfall of doctors and nurses can be filled by community health workers (CHWs) — when they are properly trained. WiRED’s CHW curriculum includes training in basic health issues, prevention techniques, taking vital signs, first aid and other health-related skills. Further, it includes WHO-recommended topics such as health surveillance and communication competencies.