Climate Change

Air Pollution and Climate Change

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The World Health Organization (WHO) placed air pollution and climate change at the top of its list of ten threats to global health in 2019 — even ahead of such concerns as noncommunicable diseases and Ebola. Air pollution seriously affects health. There are two main types of air pollution: ambient air pollution (outdoor pollution) and household (or indoor) air pollution (pollution generated by household combustion of coal, wood or kerosene using open fires or basic stoves in poorly ventilated spaces).


WiRED Salutes Dr. Ara Nahabedian

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Thanks to its dedicated translators, WiRED International now offers 19 health education modules in the Armenian language on topics of pressing concern in Armenia such as diabetes, dental hygiene and quitting tobacco. Dozens more modules are in the works or planned for the near future, many related to WiRED’s large community health worker training project.

Special Series

WiRED Team Travels to Kenya

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WiRED is nearing completion of an extensive curriculum to train community health workers (CHWs) in low-resource regions around the world. Kisumu is one of four test sites where a group of 15 people will undergo a rigorous training program lasting three weeks. During a recent trip, WiRED’s team made provisions for the test.