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Opening of WiRED International Center for Community and Global Health

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Opening of WiRED International Center for Community and Global Health

Partnership Established with Claremont Graduate University

By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Jessie Crowdy

WiRED International is pleased to announce the establishment of the WiRED International Center for Community and Global Health at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). The WiRED Center is affiliated with CGU’s School of Community & Global Health (SCGH).

CGU President Len Jessup, Ph.D., said, “Our WiRED Center provides CGU students and faculty with incredible, unparalleled opportunities in global and community health all around the world, and WiRED’s expertise and programs have been vital during the pandemic in particular.” 

The WiRED Center is a transdisciplinary center that offers the university a variety of prospects in global and community health education, research and community service. The WiRED Center at CGU strengthens graduate education by providing students and faculty with international and domestic training and access to WiRED’s programs, projects and educational materials worldwide.

Because the WiRED Center will integrate students whenever possible, students can witness and learn how to implement and potentially lead major public health education campaigns. This will help the new center advance CGU’s stated mission of preparing students to become leaders for positive change.

The WiRED Center hopes to expand the real impact of SCGH to the health of communities worldwide,  increase the potential to develop new more powerful interventions, widen the collaborative base to address a greater number of health issues and create new avenues of funding to support activities of faculty and students to enhance global health.

Activities at the WiRED Center include:

  • Facilitating and providing medical and health education, research and research collaborations at multiple sites around the world
  • Disseminating research results through informal sessions, research conferences and publications, meetings, newsletters, WiRED’s website and outreach programs and other activities
  • Enhancing opportunities to secure extramural research funds, programmatic contracts and grants
  • Carrying out university and public service programs across the globe

The WiRED Center’s Principal Faculty Members

  • Co-Directors
    • Gary Selnow, Research Professor, SCGH
    • Alan Stacy, SCGH
    • William Crano, Division of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences
  • Faculty Members
    • Eusebio Alvaro
    • Jason Siegel
    • Paula Palmer
    • Jay Orr
    • Dr. Maryam Othman (Western University of Health Sciences)