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WiRED International Preparing for A New Community Health Worker Training Program in Nigeria

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WiRED International Preparing for A New Community Health Worker Training Program in Nigeria

Providing Health Services Where None Exist

By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Elizabeth Fine

The World Health Organization reports that Nigeria, like so many countries in Africa, faces a severe shortage of health professionals, especially in rural areas. In response, WiRED will partner with a local NGO, which, with American Rotary support, is building a bare-bones clinic in the Uyo region of southernmost Nigeria, in a town not far from Cameron and the Gulf of Guinea where no health resources are available. An itinerant clinician will stop by routinely to handle health concerns while a small group of WiRED-trained CHWs, deployed by a local partner organization, will provide continuity by offering basic health care and prevention training between clinician visits.

USAID states that “health indicators in Nigeria are some of the worst in Africa.” With one of the fastest growing populations on the continent, Nigerians face many health issues, including:

Locally trained CHWs will educate their community in healthy practices, such as diet, exercise, infection avoidance and prevention of non-communicable diseases. The CHW will also address the specific leading health issues identified by USAID for the Nigerian population. Further, the CHWs will provide basic clinical services and health advocacy in a region where few health resources are available for people in the low-resource communities.

WiRED will report on the new CHW team throughout their training and deployment and provide more details as they become available.