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WiRED’s Continuing Medical Education Program

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WiRED’s Continuing Medical Education Program

Our Enhanced Version to Roll Out Soon!

By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Elizabeth Fine

WiRED International is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new edition of our Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program.

CME is the bedrock of community health worker (CHW) training. Why is CME training essential to training CHWs? When WiRED released our CHW program in 2020 we followed the World Health Organization requirement that, after basic training, CHWs annually must earn CME credits. WiRED’s CME program enables CHWs, nurses and other healthcare personnel to maintain their currency and expand their skills in basic medical procedures and community health issues.

CME benefits to patients: 

  • Improved quality of care
  • Expanded array of topics for prevention training within the community
  • Enhanced safety due to high standards of health care
  • Increased trust: knowing that CHWs engage in continuing study gives community members greater confidence in these health workers.

CME benefits to CHWs:

  • Ongoing learning and skill development
  • Opportunity to specialize in areas such as mother and child health or infectious diseases
  • Enhanced confidence and pride through increased competence
  • Career advancement prospects.

WiRED not only provides a solid basic training curriculum for CHWs worldwide, but we know that to maintain their knowledge and to develop new skills, they must engage in ongoing study, like all people involved in health care. This is good for them personally, as they enrich their capacities to help their communities, and it directly helps the people they serve because CHWs bring to the communities a deeper understanding of a wide range of health topics. Moreover, a better-trained and updated CHW earns the respect and trust from community members who increasingly turn to them for help and advice with clinical issues, health education and links to higher-level care.

Stay tuned for details and updates on WiRED’s new CME Program!

WiRED’s online CME program is downloadable and available to all free of charge.

The program:

  • Is designed for CHWs, nurses, rural physicians, pharmacists, therapists . . . anyone in health care who needs updates and wishes to expand his/her skills.
  • Covers more than 400 health topics.
  • Adds new topics to address specific community health needs and acquaints CHWs with emerging diseases, such as when COVID-19 and Ebola surfaced and Zika was first recognized.
  • Features an app that can be used anywhere — developed by WiRED’s computer and content teams — which allows users to download the modules to their smart devices and study the material offline.
  • Enables users to see “urgent” modules, which are posted for critical global health issues. When users open the app, urgent modules will be red flagged for them.
  • Keeps the credit score of course activity online and reminds users how many credits they need to complete before the end of the year.