September is Sepsis Awareness Month

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Archived story. Original version is here.

Any infection can lead to sepsis — a life-threatening emergency — yet few people know what it is.

Sepsis is a complication of infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and death. The condition constitutes a global healthcare problem, and despite advances in modern medicine such as vaccines, antibiotics and intensive care, it is the primary cause of death from infection, especially in underserved countries.

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Sepsis is preventable, although populations in at-risk communities have little if any information about it. WiRED International believes that good health starts with knowledge, and so we have created a Sepsis Module and a Maternal Sepsis Module (part of our Mother and Child Health Series) in order to educate health workers and general audiences about this dangerous and relatively unknown health concern. 

WiRED continually witnesses the human impact of our programs on people in low-resource areas worldwide from the Peruvian Amazon to the slums and rural villages of Kenya. Our materials offer health information free of charge that teaches people how to avoid infections, practice good hygiene and know the signs and symptoms of medical conditions such as sepsis.

The World Health Organization estimates that sepsis affects more than 30 million people globally. September is Sepsis Awareness Month — a good time to learn about sepsis through WiRED’s modules.