Medtronic Foundation Underwrites WiRED Community Health Information Centers in Croatia and Bosnia

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In celebration of our 25th anniversary, WiRED is pleased to bring you stories from our archives. These articles provide a glimpse of WiRED’s early work as they depict the places and the projects we have focused on over the years.

From 2002

Medtronic Foundation Underwrites WiRED Community Health Information Centers in Croatia and Bosnia

WiRED and the Medtronic Foundation have teamed up to expand WiRED’s humanitarian programs in Bosnia and Croatia. Medtronic, an international medical technology corporation, supports community programs that enhance and extend the lives of millions of people worldwide.

This new partnership will provide Community Health Information Centers to supply education and information programs designed for: 1) health-care professionals, 2) physician-directed patients, the public and the media 3) primary care givers, and 4) young people. WiRED will supply the hardware and training, an extensive e-library of health-care information (including interactive tutorials), and program development and consultation services. Given the prevalence of heart disease in the region, there will be a significant focus on cardiac topics with a special emphasis on prevention through improved diet, smoking cessation and exercise.

Medtronic Foundation, the corporation’s philanthropic division, will underwrite WiRED’s Community Health Information Center in Vukovar, Croatia at the Center for Peace Education and Research. It will underwrite WiRED’s Center in Tuzla at the Medical High School in Bosnia-Herzogovenia.

In both new locations, the Centers will provide much-needed medical and health-related information to a region still recovering from the effects of war. Vukovar, in particular, was hard-hit by the fierce, door-to-door fighting that took place in the early and mid 1990s. The Community Health Information Centers are designed to speed the flow of health-care information to the professional medical community and directly to the people who can put it to use to change harmful behaviors and improve their lives.

Medtronic Foundation is committed to helping people live healthy and productive lives.