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WiRED Looks to 2023

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WiRED Looks to 2023

Expanding Our Community Health Worker and Continuing Medical Education Programs

By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Elizabeth Fine

As the new year begins, WiRED International’s principal goal is to build on the success of our Community Health Worker (CHW) and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs. WiRED’s first CHW deployment in 2021 during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic enabled our paraprofessional team of 12 to reach 50,348 people in Kisumu, Kenya, with vital health services, followed by a second CHW squad of 11 deployed in October 2022 that swelled that number to 74,818 residents served for that year. We are excited to watch those figures grow even larger in 2023.

This year WiRED also expects to:

  • Deploy a new CHW team in Liberia.
  • Complete the development of a First Aid Handbook.
  • Expand our partnerships with NGOs and academic institutions.
  • Report monthly on CHW deployment, profile CHWs and feature CHW testimonials telling their stories from the field.
  • Continue to explore ways of using cutting edge technology to deliver and enhance our programs.
  • Track climate change and promote the concept of One Health.

WiRED vows to maintain our mission to improve health in underserved regions through education and training, to emphasize prevention through knowledge and to teach communities about diet, hygiene and how to address local diseases and health issues.

WiRED ended 2022 with the posting of our 25th Anniversary Magazine, which highlights our programs and long history and provides a snapshot of our organization. If you haven’t seen it, do take a look and share the link with friends and family!