WiRED International Launches Redesigned Website

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Begins 23rd Year of Providing Free Global Health Education 


Happy New Year and welcome to our new website!

WiRED’s new look and content present a graphic and easy-to-navigate description of what we do, what we’ve done and who we are. 

The “What We Do” section explains WiRED’s global community health training approach and our upcoming Community Health Worker Training Program, which will extend our reach to populations living in medically underserved regions. The section also contains our videos and brochure and illustrates how WiRED continuously seeks innovative approaches to meet specific needs of a given community and then to develop special materials and programs. 

The “WiRED News” section features our most current story plus the two previous stories. These articles cover our releases of new health learning modules, editorials on such pressing issues as climate change, and stories about our programs, the people in the communities we serve and our volunteers.

WiRED’s “Health Learning Center” section contains hundreds of modules, free to all and available for download onto computers and smartphones. The Center is divided into three parts: new modules, module series and our entire health learning library. All WiRED modules are easily accessible via our pioneering Health Module Access Program known as Health MAP.

WiRED’s history is housed in the “What We’ve Done” section, from our beginnings in 1997 in the former Yugoslavia to today. WiRED’s “What People Say” section contains engaging testimonials from people on the ground in communities all over the world who use and who benefit from WiRED’s free health training programs. We also provide comments from our partners, board members and volunteers — reflected in the faces shown in the “Project Photo Gallery” section. 

Please take a moment to scroll around WiRED’s new website. Our aim is to demonstrate WiRED’s mission to empower people who live and work in low-resource communities to take charge of their own health. WiRED truly believes that community health begins with knowledge.