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2022: WiRED International Looks to 25th Year

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2022: WiRED International Looks to 25th Year

Emphasizing Community Health Worker Training and Collaborations

By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Staff

In 2022 WiRED will celebrate our 25th anniversary. Our first goal this year is to focus on training community health workers (CHWs). It has become abundantly clear to us that CHWs are key to teaching low-resource populations about good health, to engaging communities in healthy practices and to providing a basic health services link between local communities and the professional medical corps. Accordingly, we will enhance and enlarge our CHW training program.

Our second goal is to expand our reach and enhance our impact by working with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to train and deploy CHWs. We will assist with the administrative and operational components of local organizations, and, by providing them with WiRED’s CHW training curriculum, enable them to establish effective training facilities. These NGOs then, on their own or in collaboration with other local groups, will facilitate the deployment of CHWs directly to communities where they live. This approach will take WiRED into new collaborations and partnerships globally with local NGOs.

In addition to growing these two programs, WiRED will continue to develop new health material to expand our library of over 400 modules. Further, we will respond to growing interest in our continuing medical education (CME) program. This online program enables CHWs and nurses to maintain their currency and expand their skills in basic medical procedures and community health issues. WiRED requires CHWs, after earning a certificate, to enroll in the CME program. They can study a wide range of topics or decide to focus on a particular specialty, such as Mother and Child Health, Infectious Diseases and HIV/AIDS.

The WiRED Board and family of volunteers look forward to an active and productive 25th anniversary year!