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WiRED International Salutes Our Volunteers

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By Allison Kozicharow; Edited by Elizabeth Fine

For 26 years, WiRED International has operated our global programs with volunteers. While most nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations rely on salaried staff to create and carry out their work, WiRED depends on volunteers — hundreds of people over the years  — to construct and deliver our healthcare programs for low-resource regions worldwide.

Our volunteers range in age, academic backgrounds, skill sets and experience. Board members, staff writers, editors and technology experts in the United States along with many people overseas contribute their talents. Each of these volunteers enables WiRED to provide the best health training possible, without high costs that would limit our impact on populations in underserved regions that benefit from our free-of-charge programs.

A special shoutout goes to two of our volunteers who have, among many efforts, strengthened WiRED’s social media outreach, especially for Instagram, as well as served WiRED as a voice of Generation Z.

  • Olivia Spirito earned her bachelor’s degree in science from Boston University, specializing in health science. For the past eight months she has served as a student assistant at the Consulate of Denmark in Boston at their Innovation Center, working in life science and leading their communication initiatives.
  • Colette “Coco” Browning graduated from high school in San Francisco with a near-perfect grade point average and will be studying international relations at UCLA in the fall.

WiRED’s board and volunteer staff say, thank you, Olivia and Coco! We value your volunteer efforts and wish you well in your studies and endeavors ahead.